About GFT Global!

Our Team


                                 Carolyn "Kat" Sillick

Carolyn (Kat) Sillick has more than 45 years of experience in business, from entrepreneurial ventures to national corporate companies.

Kat has an innovative and strategic sagacity concerning business, marketing and advertising, as well as expertise motivating and developing people. She excels in building businesses from start-ups to multimillion dollar enterprises. 
Her sales abilities have rarely been matched.

With a marketing background and an excellent sense of problem solving she has successfully done vast numbers of company take over’s and restructures. She was instrumental in working with the attorney general to help to regulate legislation on fitness operations state wide.

She has been sought after as a motivational speaker. Her prowess at organizing and executing motivational training seminars and corporate grand openings is superior.

She comes to GFT Global as CEO/President to utilize her extensive knowledge and skills to catapult our company to success.  Kat can be reached at Kat@GFT-Global.com.


                   Glenn Wightman

Glenn Wightman is a successful business management executive with a proven 15-year track record working with business start-ups, profit-and-loss turnarounds and re-engineering of multinational corporations.  He has worked in diverse markets, from alternative energy and telecommunications to manufacturing, online businesses and global finances. 

Glenn has a finely-honed strategic sense that makes him a value-added and innovative solution provider, combined with the ability to strategize expansion into emerging global markets.  He is committed to innovation, interaction with various levels of government, relationship building with businesses and consumers and successfully managing global operations of leading business organizations.

With a marketing background with a focus on operations, Glenn excels at increasing market shares and profitability.  He is an exceptional business leader, and is skilled in communications, presentations and team-building.  Glenn joins GFT Global as Master Affiliate and is responsible for recruitment, sales and training development, marketing and motivation.  His adaptability, business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit will bring success to GFT Global’s initiatives.

Glenn can be reached at Glenn@GFT-Global.com


                Stephanie Williams

Stephanie comes to GFT Global with a long career and background as a senior level consultant in the defense industry, working with many different government agencies over the span of her career. 

With an undergraduate degree in business management and a master’s in business administration, Stephanie has led people and teams in development of high-profile technology-based programs, overseen multi-million dollar budgets and provided program management support for projects both large and small. 

Stephanie joins GFT Global as our Corporate Sales and Marketing Officer.  She can be reached at Stephanie@GFT-Global.com. 


                                           Bob Larrett

Robert Larrett graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc.) over 40 years ago and spent his career in business and government, specializing in Information Technology. His time spent in business included the fields of manufacturing, finance and petroleum products (Petro-Canada). His government experience was with the Government of Ontario (Canada) 

In the petroleum industry he led the integration of the financial systems of 4 predecessor oil companies into a single company, Petro-Canada Products (now the downstream division of Sun Oil Canada). His knowledge of petroleum products is an asset to GFT-Global in the use of our patented technology

Now retired, Bob shares his time with family (10 Grandchildren so far), friends and church, as well as building the largest group of members in GFT. He is available as a resource to all members of GFT.

Bob is our Corporate Product Specialist, and he can be reached at  r_larrett@yahoo.com

W C Bey 

                                           W. C. Bey

W C comes to GFT Global with a solid  background in network marketing. Having built a team of over 5000 people in another well known relationship marketing company, W C has made GFT Global his next opportunity for success.

His background in law enforcement gives him the focus and  confidence that he needs to help GFT become a household word. His experience in working to help others is a definite asset to our corporate team. His B A from Trenton State Teachers College definitely makes him a great choice as a corporate trainer and developer. His determination and perseverance is hard to beat.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to greatly reduce fuel consumption, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air we breathe while providing people a path to success."

Vision Statement

It is with positive energetic intention that we focus on being caretakers of the environment in which we live. We intend to accomplish this by inspiring people “one by one” to use a safe, environmentally friendly, EPA registered product that has been developed and proven over a 15 year span of time. Our Green Fuel Tabs save you money at the pump by increasing your fuel efficiency approximately 10 to 20% and reducing your vehicle emissions up to 50%, at the same time lowering your vehicle maintenance costs. There are over 1 billion cars worldwide - if we could lower the emissions and reduce the fuel consumption on a small percentage of them we could make a difference. To further assist our fellow man we provide home based business opportunities to self starters who also wish to help the environment as well as others, by helping them save money and providing an opportunity to be a part of the solution rather than the problem. We aspire to provide state of the art training to our business owners, helping them to achieve maximum success. In short we help people to help people while helping themselves by doing their part to save the earth and making their dreams come true in a business they will be proud to be a part of. Part of our mission is to act as a good corporate citizen by supporting community based charitable organizations